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curved wide tooth hard rubber comb (7.5 in)

curved wide tooth hard rubber comb (7.5 in)

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This 7.5-inch curved wide-tooth hard rubber comb is expertly handcrafted with durable rubber, providing reliable and gentle styling. The curved wide teeth make for an easy-to-use and comfortable styling experience, allowing for a thorough comb-through.

why should I use this

to detangle hair

when should I use this

- handcrafted from hard rubber for durability
- curved wide teeth for snag-free combing
- heat-resistant for use with styling tools
- chemical-resistant for long-lasting use
- 7.5-inch size for easy handling and styling
- effortlessly detangle and style your hair without causing damage or breakage
- the curved design fits comfortably in your hand for easy use and styling

how do I use this

what is in this

all that science stuff

  • Sulfate & Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Free Shipping $65+
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