COVID Policy

Take the time off and pamper yourself because after all, you deserve it. Our hair stylists will take care of all the pampering. 

We will create styles that fit your lifestyle. So whether you have an upcoming zoom call, a social distance dinner date or a special celebration or just looking forward to having a new style for this season, the stylists at the tina pearson are always ready to serve you and provide healthy hair options.

Tina Pearson Salon is a premier service oriented salon located in Edgewater NJ

Take a look at our service descriptions for more information on the services we provide. 

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Tina Pearson Salon | Edgewater NJ. See below for our safety measures that are in place.

Temperature checks

Temperature checks checked upon entrance.

Social distancing measures

With the exception of the one on one interaction between client and stylist, we are continuing to not overbook, book by appointment only (no walk-ins) and if a service requires processing time client’s are distanced 6ft at minimum and in most cases 10ft or more.

All styling stations are already NJ Board Compliant and stylist & clients always are distanced 6ft apart from neighboring stations.

Extra sanitation

As always we are sanitizing after every client - tools, capes and all touch points are cleaned consistently.

Mask-wearing policies

Everyone must wear a facemask at all times - if you are wearing a cloth mask we may ask you change to avoid it getting wet or damaged by color services.