How to Wash Your Hair - The Right Way!

How to Wash Your Hair - The Right Way!

Can you tell yet how big we are on doing your wash days the right way? Here it is again, just a reminder and something you also print out, screenshot, and save. 

Every Wash Day Should Include 5 Steps


Detangling your hair before and after you cleanse and apply any moisturizer is an important step in your wash day. This ensures your scalp and hair strands get the moisture they need.


How you cleanse your hair can ultimately determine the overall health of your hair. When the scalp is cleansed properly, the conditioner or treatment works more effectively.

Moisturize & Hydrate

To maximize the hydration benefits of a conditioner or treatment, evenly distribute the product throughout your hair in sections. Emulsify product in your hands and comb through with our large tooth comb.


Protection is key before beginning your styling process. Our products protect hair from harmful UV rays and the thermal heat from styling tools.


Maintaining your hair is a key part of your every day routine. Wearing a scarf or bonnet at night helps to protect your style, reduce frizz, and maintain moisture and shine while you sleep.

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