Embrace Your Natural Texture

Embrace Your Natural Texture

So you are natural, now what!??  

Over the years we have encouraged thousands of clients to go natural and embrace their own texture.  Some came along screaming and kicking, and some just did the big chop and then felt a liberation, a freedom that at times is indescribable as we held their hand through the process.

What I learned as I started supporting and educating women on this journey, that some had literally never seen their natural texture.  There are women who have had relaxers since they were a child, and since products, tools and techniques were not as advanced, prior to having a chemical or even long term braid wearers, we were not embracing our texture, simply because we didn't know what to do once it was wet.  

In order to embrace your natural texture you gotta “love up on it”.  If you go natural and never wear your curls, you will never experience them, and understand what they need to thrive.   Going natural and continuing to wear wigs weaves or braids, can allow the hair to grow, yes, but in many cases, and  in my experience it begins to suffocate the hair and although women like to tell themselves they are wearing a protective style, it is not protecting if it is contributing to thinning and damage.  I always stress, Your hair is as good to you as You are to it!  

We encourage women to shampoo, treat and trim their hair on a regular basis in order to see the beauty of what their natural texture can look and feel like.  The goal should always be to fall in love with your own texture!

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